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Radiology Services

a. Imaging available:
I.  All type of  X-Rays (Convetional & Digital)
II. X-Ray venogram
III. Ultrasonogram.
IV. CT Angiogram (Coronary, Cardiac, pulmonary Angiogram,
Aortogram, Carotid, Cerebral, Renal, Mesenteric, Peripheral
Angiogram, CT venogram).

b. Service charges:
I. X-Ray-70/= Taka.
II. Ultrasonogram-110/= Taka & 220/= Taka.
III.CT Angiogram-3000/= Taka (Charges of contrast are excluded)

c. Free service:

Free service  is available for the poor patient and for the freedom fighters for every investigation according to government rule.

d. 24 hours service:

Emergency services are available for 24 hours in X-Ray Imaging.

e. The service provided in last o1 year:

I.   Free X-Ray-7592
II. X-Rays on payment-1676
III. Free ultrasonogram-839
IV. Utrasonogram on payment-878
V. Free CT Angiogram-78
VI. CT Angiogram on payment-301
VII. X-Ray Venogram-42.